ORE Trainers

Our Training partner, Advance Global Training (AGT) is a UK-based teaching institute founded by a team of British dentists in 2018. AGT provide ONLINE educational tools, structured tuition programs and professional guidance to support overseas dentists to qualify and UK Licence exams and to work in the UK. They have been in your position before and understand the unique pressures in trying to pass the UK General Dental Council Overseas Registration Exams. To learn more about our Training partner’s, visit the website at: www.agt.org.uk

To understand more about how AGT can help you achieve your dreams of working in the UK, watch the YouTube video by clicking on this link.

Here are profiles of the trainers who will teach you to pass the ORE Exams:

Ahmed Al Kaaky

Dr Ahmed Al Kaaky

ORE 2018, BDS 2007

Ahmed is a graduate of Al Minya University, Egypt 2007. He has been always passionate about training and sharing experience. In his post curricular studies, he has completed courses in Evidence based dentistry, advanced trends in dental restorative treatments, and Infection prevention and control, besides number of clinical attachments in maxillo-facial surgery in Manchester Royal Infirmary and Orthodontics in Trafford General Hospital.

He has been working in The infection control and decontamination unit in Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust one of the biggest and most advanced in Europe. After recently completing his ORE and GDC registration he is now on track to complete the performer’s list validation by experience.

Having a fresh exam experience together with his passion for training, Ahmed is eager to provide a comprehensive guidance and support to all the dentist who wish to pass the exam and start practicing in the UK.

Amr Noseir

Dr Amr Noseir

Associate dentist/ DWSI in Endodontics, PGcrt (Endo) 2016, Diploma (Endo)2017, ORE 2011, BDS 2001, Six months smile 2015, PGcrt Aesthetics 2017.

Amr has graduated from Al-Azhar university in 2001. After moving to UK, he worked in the NHS local health authorities (Primary Care trust) in the commissioning department until he passed his ORE exams in 2011.

Working in NHS while gaining post graduate studies was his goal to aim high, currently he is working with one of the biggest companies in the UK providing dental care (Smart Dental care) as a Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) trainer, Associate dentist trainer and dentist with specialist interest in endodontics.

Dr Noseir wants to pass his experience and knowledge to his colleagues and helping to bring highly qualified dentist to the UK to practice dentistry.